Sunday, January 29, 2017

Who Is In L-O-V-E with B-B-Q?

So I'm sitting here at my computer realizing the deadline for a submission is drawing nigh, and by nigh I mean I'm late.  The holiday season has come and gone, and with this time of year my mind turns to other things.  You know what I mean guys.  That's right....taxes. Not that I'm opposed to paying my fair share, I just don't want to pay other's fair share.  Enough on that topic.  My thoughts also turn to love.  With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I remember what most red-blooded men remember about St. Valentine's Day.  No it isn't the little, naked kid flying around shooting arrows into the hearts of young couples making the male purchase vast amounts of chocolate and stupid little stuffed animals.  I of course am referring to the gangster massacre that happened during the height of prohibition.  What can I say?  I'm a romantic.  Anyway, moving beyond taxes and mobsters getting mowed down with machine gun fire, I also think of love.  Love is a word that has taken on many meanings, and it is used 551 times in the NIV Bible, so it must have some significance.  On the topic of love, C.S. Lewis wrote a book called, "The Four Loves."  In this literary tome, Lewis identified the 4 types of love as Storage Love which is the empathy bond; Philia love which is love of friends; Eros Love which is erotic bond; and Agape Love or Unconditional God love.  I submit to you the reader there is another type of love: 'Que Love.  This type of love is a combination of three of the four loves.  It is the genuine love of all things to do with BBQ which could include the smells, tastes, tools, rigs, woods, techniques, and the actual act of making good 'Q'.  I will add a characteristic of this type of love and that is the love BBQ'ers share among one another.  Having served in the military, I can say there is a bond that forms with those with whom you serve.  There is a language, a walk, and a way of thinking shared between me and my brothers and sisters with whom I served.  The same could be said of anyone that has been exposed to the BBQ community.  I challenge anyone to say that the BBQ community doesn't have its own language and isn't one of the most supportive and encouraging groups anyone has ever run across.  There is a genuine love among most of the folks for one another.  There is Cook's Church to help us to remember Agape Love which is God's unconditional love which we should strive to share with others.  There is the night-time gathering among friends that demonstrates the real meaning of Philia Love.  When I think of Storage Love or the empathy bond, OBR comes to mind.  Just like Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel, OBR is there whenever and wherever the storms happen.  I don't pretend to be on the same level as C.S. Lewis as I don't have a magical wardrobe in my home; however, I think we all can share an idea of love that is just a bit bigger than any one person.  I know I did't cover the type of love called Eros Love.  'Eros' being the root of the word erotic, if you can work 'erotic' into BBQ well.......that's just a bit creepy with a hint of scary.  Anyway, tell the ones you love that you love them and then do it again.  Yes, I will probably buy my lovely wife some chocolates, a card, and maybe find a good deal on flowers, but I refuse, REFUSE, to purchase a cutesy little bear with some baby talk 'I Wuv You' plastered across the chest.  Inside joke there.  Bill Pacheco, you know what I mean.  Anyway, y'all take care, and Riley says, "Sup?"