Monday, December 19, 2016

'Twas the Night Before Turn In....

'Twas the night before turn in, and all through the site
all the cooks were stirring getting their smokers to light.
All around the banners and lights were strung with care
Across the easy-up's they did shine a light oh so fair.

My meat was inspected as my streamer did show,
my knives they were sharp and I was ready to go.
My trimming was done so quick and true.
Away with the fat, the excess, the brisket flat goo.

Inside Shangri-La, there were oh so many sauces and brines,
there too were many bottles and bags of rubs divine.
Needles and injectors, shakers and spouts
All working together to bring the winning flavors out.

Boozed up teams nestled all snug in their cots
Dreaming of victory, of trophies, of checks, and the lot.
Now all wrapped up in blankets and quilts so tight,
We all settled down for a long, cold, smokey night.

When out from the tent there arose such a clatter,
I raced from my trailer to see what was the matter.
With a startle the Guru woke me from my sleep
with the incessant and annoying sound of “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP.”

Morning came early to the cold, smokey plain
when along came the FBA Official who joyfully did proclaim
“Y'all got your turn in boxes yet?”
With a happy hello and a chuckling goodbye,
Away the FBA Official in his golf cart he did drive.

From the distance I could hear some one shout to say,
“Cook's Church is at 6:30 y'all. Come on...let's all pray.”
With the praying done, and good tidings shared
We headed back to our sites to get the meats prepared.

Each box was done with meat sauced and sweet
Each delivery was made on my own two feet.
With care and love, the many trips were made
Loaded with hopes of winning with all we gave.

As the sun did set and when all had gathered
Getting done and heading for home was all that mattered.
Names were called and smiles were bright
It's all over now, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

From my family to your family, I wish each and everyone of you a very safe and merry Christmas.  Riley says, "Don't forget the greatest gift of all that came as a little child born in a manger."  Take care y'all.  

Jeffery S. Stone Grandpa's Pride BBQ.