Monday, June 24, 2013

The Trials and Tribulations of the BBQ Trailer pt. 1.

So, I'm sitting here at my computer with my debit card still smoking from my recent acquisition:  Team Grandpa's Pride's Mobile Professional BBQ Competition Preparation, Lodging, and Transportation Vessel Mk. 1 A.K.A. 'the trailer'.  To say that I have over thought, rethought, redesigned, questioned, obsessed upon, and generally driven my wife and dog insane over the process might be a bit of an understatement.  I do have a slight tendency to pick apart the details of things once I sink my teeth into a project i.e. Frankensmoker Mk. 2.2.  Please refrain from a mass of, "NOOOOO!!! Really!!!" statements.  My good friend and teammate Robb asked me how I would survive if I actually did something normal like buy a pre-built smoker or pre-built toy hauler.  My answer is I don't think I could actually do it and survive.  Where is the fun in that?  It is a common theme I have stayed with throughout this little quest call Bar-B-Que.  Who am I kidding, I have been this way my whole life.  I just can't do something and leave it alone.  Not a recipe, not a technique, not a style of 'Q' goes undone once I get my hands (teeth) around it.  Maybe it's in my DNA?  After all, growing up I was always changing my room around.  My brother swears our mom did bleach shooters while pregnant which if true could have some effect.  It could be a result of too much tackle football without a helmet; although, I don't see how getting knocked out once or twice could ever be a real problem.  Best option yet, it could be all of the model airplanes I put together in my room.....with the door and windows closed....closed tight....real tight....lots of airplanes and lots of glue.  Mmmmmm airplane glue.  Which explains why my parents were always looking at my eyes, shaking their heads, and sending me outside to get 'some air'.  Anyway, the process has finally hit the point where today I pulled the trigger and ordered our custom BBQ trailer/RV/Place I will live if/when Sherri throws me out.  I have to give my loving wife Kudos.  She has been supportive all through out this process.  From the start where I bought my first red, electric smoker up to where we are today.  She is even the reason I started a blog, so if you want to blame someone, you can blame her.  Anyway, without sounding like a promotion or advertisement, the nice people at Trailer Country, Inc. have been invaluable throughout this process.  Nikole was the nice lady that helped us through the process.  I'm sure there are some support groups in her area that she can attend.  We have really been tied up in the details to the point Sherri and I even took a 3.5 hour drive to Willacoochee, GA to tour where they build the trailers.  We got some great ideas which led to where we are now.  On July 29, 2013 our little slice of trailer heaven should be ready to roll on home with us.  Which, coincidentally, is just in time for me to get it ready for the 1st Annual Smoke Under the Oaks BBQ Competition in Bainbridge, GA which will be on August 9-10.  Thinking back over other competitions, we have either been freezing, sweltering, or soaked to the bone and up to our arm pits in mud.  It may still be hot in August, but at least we will hopefully have some accommodations in which to prep and reside.  I have never had an RV, but Sherri and I are looking forward to using it at the beach and lake as well.  Maybe we will go camping with Robb and his family.  That is the plan anyway.  We are going for the 'old shack' look.  Think Beverly Hillbillies meet HGTV's Interior Design.  Why not?  Anyone can have a normal trailer.  Might as well have fun with it.  Being as I am the world's second cheapest man behind my friend Greg, I'm sure I will find a way to rig up an awning using PVC and a tarp.  I've got plans....big plans.  Stay tuned for pictures of the build process once underway.  I'm sure it will be an interesting process.  Y'all take care and Riley says, "Hello."