Friday, July 6, 2012

Where does "BBQ" come from?

So in case you are on final Jeopardy and need to know the history of BBQ, here you go.  BBQ goes way back in local history.  By local, I mean the West Indies.  The term "Barbacoa" was used to describe any meat cooked over a slow and low heat.  The term BBQ migrated to the American slaves who were given the lesser cuts of meat with which they had to fashion into a decent supper.  The quality of these meats meant they had to be cooked over a low and slow heat so the connective tissues would break down.  As a result, there was some good eatin' going on.  The use of low heat and smoke was used for centuries by the American Indians as a way to preserve their meats and fish.  They made it into a jerky type of food, but the principle is the same.  Here is a link should you have an unquenched thirst for more BBQ history, complements of Wikipedia.  Wikipedia link to the history of BBQ.  Thanks and enjoy.

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