Saturday, July 7, 2012

I am still trying to get the hang of this blogging, but I have some ideas.  First of all, thank you for reading this today.  While I sort out my schedule, I do have some ideas on what topics I plan to cover.  All of the topics will center around BBQ (of course).  I'm interested in branching out and experiencing different types of BBQ from around the world.  We have a restaurant in Dothan, AL (God's country and my home town) called Taj  It is a mix of Indian, Greek, and BBQ.  Yes, Indian and BBQ in the same place.  Only in the south would you get this combination.  The owner, Ritesh, bought the place after it was a BBQ place.  When the owners left, they left everything one needed to start BBQ, and yes the food and people are great.  So that is my starting point.  I want to find those interesting places that sell good 'Q', meet the people that make the magic, and maybe, just maybe learn a thing or two that I can share with others.  I'm also looking to write a review of some BBQ cook books.  I have purchased and read Myron Mixon's book which was pretty good; Chris Lilly's (of Big Bob Gibson's BBQ fame); and the Dummy's Guide to BBQ.  My hope is someone will find a nugget of knowledge that will be helpful to them.....with a little humor thrown in.  The feedback is appreciated.  Y'all take care.

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