Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Good Old-Fashioned BBQ....Looking for some good eatin'

I am from the South.  I think that point is already made clear.  Growing up, some of my first BBQ was with my granddaddy and  from 231 BBQ which is, surprise surprise, on 231 in Midland City, AL.  Of course, Dobb's in my hometown of Dothan was always around growing up.  Both cool places.  So, a couple of days ago, I posted an idea on Facebook where I would be on the look out for other local BBQ spots, and now I need your help folks.  Yes, many have said I have needed help for a long time, but that's another story.  Anywho, I am looking for BBQ places where I can sample the 'Q', talk with the proprietor and get their take on what makes good 'Q' to them.  No chain restaurants please.  Once you franchise, you lose that certain individuality.  I have created two categories of criteria:  1)  The BBQ and (2) The place itself.  In the first category, I'm looking at what they make, the taste, and  the presentation.  For the second category, I'm looking for places with plastic signs with either Coke or Pepsi products mentioned on them, a wooden porch, a screen door, a dog close by, a smell of smoke that permeates the entire place with extra points for smoked out windows, and something that just stands out and makes the place unique.  In short, the kind of place that looks like an after thought in the BBQ world.  Wouldn't that be a great road trip?  Driving around the Deep South looking for great places, trying all kinds of BBQ, and meeting the people that keep the art of BBQ alive.  People who have sauce in their veins and can talk about BBQ all day.  Genuine Americana.  Who knows, maybe I'll see someone from those pictures in the post office that have huge rewards attached to them....unless that person is the one running the BBQ place and bad, bad, bad things happen there.  In that case, I will feign a foreign accent and pretend I don't understand English while trying to communicate in broken English, "Where can I get my oil changed in my cheap rental car?"  I won't run away because I tell everyone, "If you see me running, you might want to try to keep up because something really scary is chasing me."  Anyway, back to the 'Q' hunt.  If you see a place and think it would be a good spot to check out that meets the criteria, send me a comment on my blog, e-mail me @, or you can tweet me @ awolafsp.   I've got a couple of places scoped out already which sounds a little like stalking but it isn't, least not in a statutory sense.  Stay tuned.  If you see me out and about, honk and wave with all the fingers please.  I'll wave back.  It's how I roll....again it's something else I hear the cool kids say these days.  Darn kids.  

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