Tuesday, July 10, 2012

First official review for me. Smokin' with Myron Mixon

Myron Mixon is quite a bit deal on the BBQ circuit.  If you don't believe me, just ask him, and he'll tell you and probably with language I wouldn't use around my Baptist Minister father-in-law.  I hear he actually is a pretty nice guy and not the persona you see on t.v.'s BBQ Pitmasters or other BBQ shows.  He is from the Deep South, even if it isn't Alabama, which is a good start.  While I haven't met him yet, notice I said yet, I have seen him at the competitions I have been in, and yes, he wins a lot....consistently.  As they say, "He can talk the talk because he can sure enough walk the walk."  Granted that talk may have some colorful language mixed in with it, but the talk none the less.  So, if one wants to know how to win, one must ask or research what the winner does in order to garnish that important grand championship.  Who better to gain intel from than the man who has won over 180 Grand Championships, 30 state championships, 11 national championships (still not as many as the Crimson Tide but that's another matter), and three-time Grand World Champion at the Memphis in May event.  That folks is some serious street cred' as they say on t.v.  That's where his BBQ book comes into play.  Smokin' with Myron Mixon is quite a good BBQ cook book if I do say so myself, and since it is my blog I will.  I bought a copy for my Color Nook about a two months before a competition in 2011.  When I used some of his ideas and tips, we took Grand Champion in Backyard Division at the Foggy Bottom BBQ Bash in Elba, AL.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Granted it wasn't in the pro division, but it still was quite a happy day for Team Grandpa's Pride BBQ.  Baby steps folks.  I didn't follow his book to the 'T', but I did try to incorporate some of his theory into my own style.  After all, it still has to be my 'Q'.  His book covers a little bit about all aspects of BBQ cooking from his equipment, rubs, marinades, cooking styles, and little tricks to keep it great.  Luckily for me, it has a some pictures.  He talks about how to do ribs, pork, chicken, and beef, and what he does to prepare them in competitions.  His theory, as outlined in the book, is pretty simple:  I'll teach you what I do and I'll still beat you because of experience.  And he does just that....again....and again....and again.  One of Myron Mixon's most famous twists to the BBQ world is his cupcake pan chicken.....well, that and winning enough money to burn a wet mule.  In this book, he teaches you how to do it just like he does....the cupcake pan chicken that is and not burning a wet mule because burning a wet mule would be wrong and probably get P.E.T.A. in a hissy.  Anyway, there is a good bit of honesty in this book.  When you finish reading the book, you feel like a magician has pulled back his cape and shown the world all of his tricks.  That takes some serious stones.  In reading the book, I could actually in my mind's eye see Myron sitting at a computer with Dragon Speak or some other talk-to-type program and rattling out a book.  It is an easy and entertaining read which is made more interesting because he added some of his personal history and how BBQ was core to his upbringing.  He also covers a bevy of additional side recipes to include an adult beverage which sounds pretty darn tasty.  Yes, he comes across as gruff and even a bit arrogant, but he does impart a good bit of knowledge in how to do some good and tasty 'Q' which is what it's all about.  Right?  I look forward to meeting him.  Maybe I'll get all star struck at the next competition and have him sign my Nook....that or my chest....which is a little creepy even to me and would require a good bit of shaving, so I'll stick to the Nook.  Yeah, definitely the Nook.    

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