Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ever wonder where BBQ sauce origninated?

I'm sure many of you lay awake at night pondering the origins of BBQ sauce.  I know I do....that and a dog that keeps trying to jump into bed with my wife and me.  In an effort to add to the R.E.M. sleep of America, I give you the origins of BBQ sauce.  In the old days, like pre-1950 but much more like the 1700's, spices were very expensive and often hard to come by.  In an effort to give cooked meats some flavor, our founding fathers would dip the meat in vinegar.  As the sauce moved down to the western Carolina coast, they started adding pepper, a little sugar and other spices that were available.  Since tomatoes did so well in the eastern part of North Carolina, as the sauce migrated that way, people began to add tomatoes to the sauce.  You see where this is going right?  When it drifted towards South Carolina, mustard was the spice of the area, so now you have South Carolina Mustard BBQ sauce.  Since then, people have been creating their own sauces.  My recipe originated from my grandmother and grandfather.  My grandfather often tells the stories of when he and my grandmother owned a little hotdog stand, and people would line up for their BBQ.  I've since tweaked the original recipe, but it is still basically their own recipe, and I am eternally grateful for it.  My grandfather is so protective of the recipe that when he gave it to me he had this one caveat, "Now Jeff, if something happens to you and Sherri, you be sure to get this recipe back."  Wow.  I do love Shellie D.

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