Friday, July 13, 2012

Austin's Smokin' Butt Hut

Well I went and did it.  I had first my BBQ Americana interview today.  On the way home from Panama in Fountain up 231, or down depending on your direction, there is a place called Austin's Smokin' Butt Hut.  I had been passing this place for over a year and wondered how good the BBQ was there.  Today, I answered that question, and the answer is pretty dadgum good.  Yes, dadgum is a word.  The owner, Sam Denham (sp), is retired and does just BBQ now.  Surprising, his name is not Austin.  Austin is his grandson.  As I was told, the owner said if Austin got into trouble at grandpa's house, he would smoke his butt.  Hence the name Austin's Smokin' Butt Hut.....well that and it is a kind of hut with wheels.  They do ribs and butts, but they also do all kinds of other things.  You have your choice of sauces that are sweet, sweet/heat (yum yum), and sweet/savory.  I got the pulled-pork sandwich with sweet/heat sauce.  I was not disappointed.  My little slice of heaven was served simply in an aluminum wrap, and it was a good sized sandwich.  The pork was smoked using oak and was perfectly tender with a hint of cumin that rounded out the flavor profile nicely.  In the other categories outlined the other day:  The very nice lady, Bobbie, who served up the 'Q' and is the manager did say, "Sugar" and "Hun" several times, there was a screen door on the smoker trailer, the smoker was visible, they had the unique metal pig that was smoking away, it was a trailer versus a huge building, and it was one-of-a-kind.  They even have a metal pig bell that you ring for service.  Try that at a fancy shmancy place.  Shmancy....look it up.  There were no plastic signs with Coke or Pepsi products; however, allegedly there is a dog that stays with the owner but he wasn't there.  There wasn't a wooden porch, but there were some big telephone poles propped up so someone could sit there if they were so inclined.  Seating probably isn't their intended purpose, but neither was my truck hood a dining table until today.  In the immortal words of Gunny Hiway, "Improvise, adapt, overcome."  I really enjoyed the stop.  Life gets to be a lot sometimes, so we gotta take those little snippets of mellowness where we can get them.  So, if you are feeling stressed and see a smoking metal pig, pull in, have a good BBQ sandwich and tell Bobbie I said hello.  She might even call you hun', or sugar.  Probably will.....she's nice that way.  Look them up on facebook at Austin's Smokin' Butt Hut.  
The Smokin' Pig.  If it's smokin', they're open

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